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Hi Veola,
First I will try to answer your questions and then I post an article about Vidaza. That is probably too complicated for you - you know you could always google Vidaza and get some info from the drug company.

1. Yes, blast cells in blood are common after one cycle.
2. Supportive therapy like blood transfusions if needed, platelet transfusions if needed, Neupogen or similar drugs for low white blood cells if needed, antibiotics for infections. Often they wait a little with next cycle if the counts are very low.
3. A little more than 50 % of high risk patients improve on Vidaza and a little more than 60 % of low risk patients. The doctors often evaluate the result of treatment after 6 months but some patients respond later. It is not common with a good response after a few cycles.


Hope your mothe will have a good response!
Kind regards
72 yo, dx MDS 2006, very severe bone marrow fibrosis, only supportive therapy with txs, Neupogen and drugs for iron overload till June 2010. Good response to Thalidomide + Prednisone with stable HGB about 13 and platelets about 100. Stopped taking Exjade July 2011 when my ferritin level was less than 1000.
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