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Approach to Alternative Treatment- Part 2- Some Hindrances

Approach to Alternative Treatment- Part 2- Some Hindrances

Today, I'll share my experiences on some hindrances I faced in trying to find out whether there were any alternative treatment to conventional medical treatment.

Firstly, as AA is a rare disease, there were very few records of cases of alternative treatment that I could find documented on the internet IN FULL. At best, I found alternative treatment to be discussed in some of the forums, but if I were to look out for details of what some who had walked the alternative treatment route had adopted, this was sadly missing.

But what struck me was that AA was a more frequently occurring disease in places like China, Vietnam and also I read of AA cases in Sabah (Borneo ), Malaysia when compared to America and other western nations.

From the internet searches, I read of a certain Dr Wu from China who was reported to have been able to help a leukaemia patient with herbs, and subsequently had treated AA patients as well. I emailed and corresponded with Dr Wu who indicated he was able to help in my son's case, but the herbs was very expensive.

Money aside, what worried me in any herbal treatment was the quality of the herbs from China. Subsequently I corresponded with a friend ( name withheld ) on this list who informed me that she had taken a few courses of the herbs from Dr Wu, but one consignment had fungus and had to be rejected by quarantine.

There was simply no guarantee that the herbs were free from pesticides or free from fungi spores etc.

There were several county hospitals in China typified as Medical centers specialising in hard to cure diseases that had some successes in treating AA using a herbal approach, and in some cases with a dual approach ( herbs and conventional ). Again, going to China was not a preferred strategy, nor was I ensured of the quality of the herbs...

This brought me to the question:

Is there someone from America who is a medical doctor trained in conventional medicine and who is also a master herbalist and who has also gotten reasonable experience treating AA and with good results?

Thus, I continued to scour the internet for information, and started to email a lot of friends on this list who offerred so much help and advice in the initial treatment and management of the disease.

I cannot over emphasize that there is a wealth of experience from members of this list who have tried various ways and techniques, whether conventional or alternative from which we can benefit by talking to them.

Andrea, a 17 year old listmate who had good response to the ATG was particulary helpful by telling me to get a theurapeutic air filter which I did. That air filter ensured the bed room was free from dust while my son's blood counts were down especially after the ATG.

The lack of a common knowledge center for alternative treatment for AA was a hindrance, and there was no way I can get satisfactory answers like: How effective is herbal treatment for AA? Any statistics? What about reccurrence? Is the recovery sustainable?

I shall continue the sharing in the next instalment, and hope this sharing will be useful and helpful to others seeking some answers.


Peter Lim
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