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They should check if your mom is CMV negative before ordering blood products. If she is CMV negative, you would want to be sure to specify that she gets CMV negative blood. This is in addition to it being irradiated and leukocyte depleted. If your mom gets CMV positive blood, even once, then she will become CMV positive. Once you are CMV positive, you are always CMV positive. Unfortunately, this means more complications if your mom ever gets a transplant. Don't worry about being a squeaky wheel when it comes to checking blood products. My infusion center probably was annoyed by me as well

Here is an interesting article to discuss with her doctor about combination therapy to address del 5q with p53:!po=43.6000

I agree with Marlene that it would be good to get another opinion on your mom's treatment plan.

Good luck and keep advocating for your mom!
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