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nshan, thank you for the information. What was the nature of the relapse? Were there genetic mutations along with the blasts? What was the goal of continuing with the Vidaza for so long and not going to transplant while in remission? I ask because I have had a similar route. I was on Vidaza for eight cycles and as soon as I got close to remission I had a stem cell transplant. About seven months after the transplant I relapsed with AML and 30 percent blasts. I was immediately put back on Vidaza and after 12 cycles I am doing well. Naturally, we don't know how long my remission will last.
age 70, dx RAEB-2 on 11-26-2013 w/11% blasts. 8 cycles Vidaza 3w/Revlimid. SCT 8/15/2014, relapsed@Day+210 (AML). Now(SCT-Day+1005). Prepping w/ 10 days Dacogen for DLI on 6/9/2017.
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