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nshan > Sorry about his progression to AML. Were there any harsh side effects with the clinical trial? Does your husband plan to transplant at MD Anderson?

Our story...

My father was treated at MD Anderson in March - April this year. He originally came down for the same clinical trial as your husband but didn't qualify due to an acute complication. Instead, he received a round of low dose ara-c + clofarabine as in-patient. It reduced his blasts from 9% to 3% but he still couldn't make platelets & red blood. A second round was prescribed with a recommendation to be hospitalized.

Two weeks after the first round, my parents make a mistake and decided to return home. They arranged to take the 2nd round of chemo at remotely in an outpatient setting. This time he suffered from a severe infection in the mouth & throat. Couldn't eat for days and running high body temperature.

He was hospitalized and suffered a heart issue 2 days later. Luckily we were in the room with him when the event occurred. Help arrived quickly and the staff revived him.

Two weeks of ICU and now we are home. He's 30lbs lighter and still transfusion dependent. We don't know the current blast count but a BMB is scheduled for later this week.
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