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When I first started Revlimid in April, at 10 mg, my counts dropped so much I had to be hospitalized. In June, I started back up on the Revlimid at a lower dosage; 5mg. Prior to that, in May, I started taking shark liver oil capsules, as a supplement. Someone else on this site was taking it, and they were getting fewer transfusions. I have been transfusion free since May 16th of this year. Whether it is the shark liver oil, the lower dose revlimid, or the prayers of many being answered, I do not know, but I am still taking the SLO and my hgb is still climbing. My last blood draw had me at 9.9 hgb, wbc - 2.9, platelets at 125, and neutrophils at 700. For me, these counts are great, and I feel pretty good.
Tom, age 56, diagnosed with MDS RAEB Oct of 2006. Previously treated w/ vidaza, unsuccessfully. Revlimid successful 1 year. Progressed to AML 4/08 w/ 20% blasts, now in remission. BMT to take place 10/08.
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