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Things are looking up!!!


Although it took longer than my hemo said he would expect it to, the treatment that Dr Paquette suggested back in June appears to be working!

In June, Dr P suggested a dosage of 200mg of CsA, twice a day, as a means to perhaps recover the benefits from my first round of ATG back in Dec 2006.

Since I began the new treatment, my counts have stopped their usual slow decline and have stabilized. My last PRBC transfusion was almost six months ago! It's still too early to tell if the counts will now start rising, but my platelets jumped out of the 20's and up to 35, and since the platelets were the first to respond after ATG, I am hoping that this is a similar trend.

Cheers to Dr Paquette!!!!
Male, 56, dx Nov2006 VSAA (BMA:0%). Responded to ATG/CsA/Prednisone/Neupogen Dec 2006, but relapsed in June 2007. Counts are responding to using CsA 200mg bid alone since Jun 2008. Last PRBC tx: Jul 2008.
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