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Thanks for the reply... I know I've been a stranger lately.... but, things are looking up. We've also met another couple.. the husband is on the same clinical trial and he did receive the MS-275. He gets the same dosage of Vidaza as my husband, Ron, but, he's also getting the MS-275. He said he started feeling better cycle #4. He is in really good spirits, and it's funny because he doesn't have fat on his body, so he's gotten creative with the injections. He's asked "Where else" can he get the injections? So, he alternates, telling the nurses where to inject him. During a 10-Day cycle, he gets them in his stomach, inner-upper thigh, and upper arm (inside, where the fat tissue is). He use to be a marathon runner, so he doesn't have much fat anyway. He and his wife have really been an inspiration to Ron and me. It's so encouraging to see him doing so well too.

Take care, Cindy
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