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BMB after fourth Vidaza cycle

I guess that four months is the standard time to have the BMB but after that first month of shots I felt so much better. All of these Vidaza tests are so new it will be interesting to see if by the addition of drugs like ms 275 we can suppress the bad guys into a dormant stage that would last forever? Wouldn't that be a breakthrough? One of my doctors patients who has MDS and PHN and was in really bad shape had such remarkable results from the Vidaza that they are writing her up! Keep up the good fight!!
Vera, 56 yo female Dx RAEB II 10-08, 11-12% blasts. Normal chromosomes. Started Vidaza 10-08. . Improved Dx 3-09 MDS RA 2% blasts 8 cycles Vidaza! SCT transplant 7-1-09 at UCSF. Normal bone marrow and MDS free as of 10-09
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