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Rar...Ignore all that..file an appeal what they wrote to you was my 3rd denial statement...I went from a 1 sentence denial to 16 pages. I have an atty who is writing an appeal and representing me on a contingency basis. If you wish I will share their info
Dr steensma just wrote a review as an independent review of husband's med records. .he addresses most of the points the VA questioned
I also sent to my atty research articles that supported a possible connection between TCDD a contaminate in AO and the abnormality it may have on bone marrow and Hematopoietic cells.
Each case is different and so are board members most of which know nothing about literally is a crap shoot for the Vet. AND on an individual case by case appeal process NO PRESODENSE is set by any single decision. PLUS, the regional VA may deny you and if you keep appealing it hopefully gets to Fed level. I wrote extremely emotional letters to Obama ,Biden, governors and 18 months later received notice my appeal went to DC where it sat somewhere for a year!!!
The VA has stopped researching blood/ bone marrow disorders related to AO (2015) SO it's a 1 claim at a time.
How many times have you been denied? Do you have a healthy person to advocate for you??
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