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Hello Sally, Greg, Linda,
So glad to hear that Don is still responding to Promacta and with few side effects, that is great. Greg, glad to see you are back (we've missed your informative posts lately) and hope you are doing well on the Danazol. Linda, Moffitt is a very good center and hope they will find a trial for Al. Maybe they can use the BMB from NIH. I am sorry he did not qualify for the Promacta trial but wondered why NIH did not provide you with any other options??
Today, there is a study from NIH published in the New England Journal of Medicine about a phase 2 study of Promacta in refractory AA patients. I have not read the whole article but the abstract says that 44% of patients responded , some even with responses in red cells and WBCs as well as platelets. Hopefully this will prove useful in MDS patients as well without causing increased blasts but only time will tell. I cannot provide a link to this article but if anyone wants to read a copy of it just send me an email and I can forward it to you.
possible low to int-1 MDS with predominant thrombocytopenia, mild anemia, dx 7/08, in watch and wait mode
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