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Hi Deb and Birgitta,

I don't feel I know enough to answer your questions Deb. If you get the chance, please read over the clinical trial in my first post. I believe the curcumin and gingerol are given at very high doses through capsules given 4 times a day. I think it has more benefits than just being a VDR stimulant.

Birgitta, I am not knowledgeable enough to understand all the information you wrote about. Your quote does summarize some of the benefits of curcumin as outlined in the clinical trial I mentioned. Gingerol in high doses has an added benefit when used in conjunction with curcumin, according to the trial results thus far, in reducing the progression of the disease.

When I read the clinical trial I thought; I am stable but this protocol is non toxic so why not give it a try in order to prolong the need for further medication or even a BMT. Unfortunately my doctor would not follow the protocol outlined by UMass Medical so I am being referred. How easy is that if I live in Canada!

Your input is greatly appreciated.


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