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Post Mom recently diagnosed with MDS.

My Mom who is in India was diagnosed with low-risk MDS after a BMB in July 2012.Her Hb at the time of diagnosis was 7.8.
The BMB report said Hypercellular Marrow with Megaloblastic erythropoesis.
Her Cytogenetics report was normal.Her WBC was borderline low and Platelets were normal.She was prescribed Vit B-12 shots which did not improve her Hb at all.
So she was prescribed Aranesp(once every 2 weeks,200mcg) and Prednisolone(40mg/day).After just one dose of aranesp and after taking the steroid for 7days , in her next CBC report, her Hb was 11.4.
I am really thankful to the almighty that my Mom had such a good response to the treatment.
Is it normal to have such a quick response to the treatment in MDS? Is it possible that this is not MDS?
I have one more question: I have all of my mom's reports(scanned).Is it possible to get a second opinion by personal consultation(not online) here in the US although the patient is in India? Do the Doctors here in the US entertain such an approach? If so I would really appreciate any help regarding how it is done.
Thanks and warm regards to everyone on this forum.
RP, Daughter of SK age 66, diagnosed MDS July 2012
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