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Originally Posted by Ashleigh K. View Post
Hi! I was first diagnosed with Aplastic anaemia in the January of 2009 and i was treated with horse ATG and Ciclosporin uvu

The doctors think I might have MDS because in a recent bone marrow biopsy my doctor said there was a clump of abnormal cells and that MDS is the likely cause. They're still looking for chromosone changes though

You may need to undergo further tests, perhaps another bone marrow biopsy, to get a more definitive diagnosis. While a transplant can cure either aplastic anaemia or MDS, and your age may make you a great transplant candidate if you have a well-matched donor, other treatment choices are more specific to the diagnosis. If it's aplastic anaemia, then another ATG treatment is a possibility. If it's low-risk MDS, they may want to "wait and watch".

You might want to ask for a copy of your bone marrow biopsy lab report, even though it's written in doctor-to-doctor terminology, because it will have clues to what they actually found. Then you can ask your doctor more pointed questions, such as what "abnormal" refers to.

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