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Originally Posted by Marlene View Post
Sorry, FE is serum ferritin. It is a protein in the blood which binds to iron. Usually, iron is stored in the liver, spleen and bone marrow. When the serum Fe is high, it is usually an indication that the iron stored in your body is high. When the iron is bound to this protein, the iron is considered to be safe. But unfortunately, it also means that you have too much stored in the organs and is then deposited into other organs like the pancreas or pituitary.

Unless they checked her FE and did a iron panel on her before she started the transfusions, then they cannot really attribute her high FE level to her transfusions and should investigate further to rule out other problems.
Hi Marlene, Thanx for the explanation. Appreciate that. The doctor has to bring down the iron level on my mom as this is what concern us now even the doctor says there is no worry about the number at the meantime.

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