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Hi, My doctor originally said based on the bmb that I most likey had MDS he was very blunt on prognosis he said my marrow was a mess. He has since backed off the diagnosis and says I might have an autoimmune issue of unknown origin but there is definitely something going on with my marrow, he has said it is failing. So I do not have a MDS diagnosis right now, my blood counts have gone up since 2010 and you can see that in my last post. My doctor says it is not likely that anything I do with my diet would change anything but as you will see if you look at other posts on this board others have also see some hope in a holistic approach. There is no magic bullet that I have come across but I suggest that you read through all of the posts and come to your own conclusion on if it is worth pursuing. take care...

off topic note to my response, went to dentist recently and he was amazed at the health of my gums, I hope it's not a fluke, the only change I made was the Turmeric root in my shakes. I use about a 1 inch piece, I had tried cooking with the spice in the past and didn't like it and did see any positive results. A few months ago someone mention that it was a root they sell in local store and started incorporating it in my shakes. A google search of Turmeric and Gum health pulls up several studies with positive results.
Tom- 62 yrs old, dx-eosinophilic fasciitis 2004, 1 yr prednisone resolves EF- now low counts, HGB has been ok... EF has been associated with MDS along with AA.
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