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....I have discussed this with my family and they think I should accept this offer and stop working. I'm very anxious about this, first because I don't know if the pay out will last long enough until I'm eligible for a pension and secondly, it feels so final. It feels as if this disease is starting to beat me and it's a downhill slide. If I accept the pay out, I'll feel like a quitter. (on the other hand, I'm so tired that I almost hate going to work.)

I'm really confused.

Hi Chirley,

If your work adds on more diversions to your treatment in a sudden way such as what has been described by you, it is better for you, in my humble opinion, to stop working and be able to spend time on your treatment because the MDS will impact on the quality of your life, and sudden diversions and changes to your work schedule is not going to improve your treatment prospects and add in your recovery.

Speaking in the Australian context, I believe once your permanent and total disability insurance payout runs out, and you are not working, you may move on to the Centerlink's or government Disability Pension even while you have not yet reached pensionable age.

That determination will involve the earnings and income of your spouse, if any, whether you exceed the claimable threshold on a combined income. A telephone call to your local Centrelink will be able to enlighten you and put your mind at ease, so I do suggest you try calling them up to get some reliable answers.

And do not come across to me as a quitter. In fact, you are very much the epitome of the thinking australian battler with a spirit of hope and courage...and I wish you well. Go on, aussie...go on!

Peter Lim, Dad to Stan, age 17 at time of dx Feb 2002VSAA; tx. ATG, cyclosporine, predisone; alternative herbal supplm & shark liver oil, off all meds 5/2002 normal blood counts. Only on shark liver oil.
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