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Thank you all for your support.

Friday may be my last day at work. I have an appointment with the Occupational Health and Safety officer to receive help with the paper work involved in receiving my Income Protection Insurance.

I have worked out that if I apply for long term sick leave, I will receive 75% of my pay for up to two years while still accruing annual leave, long service leave and superannuation. My doctor can then sign off on total and permanent disability which entitles me to receive my superannuation payment for disability. I will also be able to apply for a top up or part pension to supplement the superannuation payment. This part pension would also entitle me to a health care card which gives me a discount on medication, rates, electricity, telephone, car registration etc. However, this all depends on the insurance company accepting my initial claim for sickness benefits.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Copper deficiency bone marrow failure (MDS RAEB 1), neuromyelopathy.
FISH reported normal cytogenetics but gene testing showed
Xq 8.21 mutation
Xq19.36 mutation
Xq21.40. mutation
1p36. Mutation
15q11.2 deletion
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