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Dear Chirley,
Let me just say, if my husband had followed the request of his "Lead" at work, he may not be with us today... what happened is, our family doctor failed to recognize my husbands blood problem (Anemia was very evident)... but, instead of checking blood levels (blood panel), the doctor kept prescribing my husband with Antibiotics to treat the recurring sinus infections, etc.... well, my husband (Ron) was scheduled for a routine Cardiogist check-up (he does this every 6 mons). Our lead (we work together), asked Ron to re-schedule his cardiology appt for later on so my husband would not miss some training that was scheduled last minute. My husband refused, and we're thankful that he went against the workplace desires..... or, my husband may not be with us today.... It was his cardiologist that recognized a problem and immediately ordered a blood panel. Then, a day later, called with news and told us we needed to see a hematologist immediately.... It was Friday and we couldn't get in until the following Tues, so we scheduled an appt. BUT, on the next day (Sat), Ron became very very ill.... and very weak... I too him to the ER, because I knew his blood levels were low... especially whites... and Ron had a very high fever. we were worried because we didn't know what it was......

My point being... always take care of yourself over work! And, I've been riding my husband to retire, but, he's not ready..... I'm hoping he's ready soon.... because, I want him to get his rest and not to worry about work issues......

Good luck to you! Cindy

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I have to make a decision about work. I have had to cancel my booked transfusion for this week because my work roster has been changed without notice and I couldn't make it to my appointment. I rang my haematologist and he said that this roster change was very concerning and quite insensitive of my employer. I rebooked my transfusion for the weekend which is okay for me but not so good for my doctor. It means that I also have to try and work with a low Hb for longer, I feel very fatigued already and know that by the time I get my transfusion I'm going to feel awful.

I saw my GP about a UTI that I've been unlucky enough to get and while I was there, I mentioned the work issue. He has offered to sign me off work with a total and permanent disability so that I can receive my insurance pay out. I have discussed this with my family and they think I should accept this offer and stop working. I'm very anxious about this, first because I don't know if the pay out will last long enough until I'm eligible for a pension and secondly, it feels so final. It feels as if this disease is starting to beat me and it's a downhill slide. If I accept the pay out, I'll feel like a quitter. (on the other hand, I'm so tired that I almost hate going to work.)

I'm really confused.

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