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It's a shame that you don't have complete and non-judgmental support from your family. Nobody should be blamed for being sick. Sometimes life throws us into situations where our notion of family has to expand to include people who care about us but aren't relatives. I hope you'll find more people around you who can provide you with friendship and support. When my wife got sick we leaned heavily on other patients. Those new friends, first connected to us only because of a shared health problem, became very important to us and our well-being. They cheered us on and gave us hope for the future. And we just had to accept that some other people chose not to stay close to us when our situation was at its worst. We never had the problems with our immediate families that you describe, but I understand why it's been so hard for you.

Six years is a long time to wait for improvement, especially during what should be your working years. None of us know what the future holds, which means that your health and situation could improve. I hope you can hold onto a positive vision of what's to come, and find your path to health and a return of your ability to work.
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