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haemo to-day

Hi Cheryl.C thanks replying when I was first DX some 10years ago I was RCMD 1% blasts then some 5 years later I was having my first blood transfusions, was very grateful that people would go out of their way to donate their own blood. In and out of hospital with infections and neutrophils going down as low as 0.02. platelets were also very low 45 and lower. then our government decided to fund Vidaza O I am so lucky the BMBT show that I had 16% blasts on report showed refactory anaemia with excess blasts
My latest BMBT did not classify me so I really don't know only that my blasts have gone down now to 5%
Now could you explain to me what was on my blood report to-day Normochromic; Macrocytosis++; Anisocytosis+; irregular shaped cells+;
Elliptocytes+; occasional tear drop cells ( I know) Rouleaux+;
They have up the Vidaza now to 100mg, still think I can handle that very well
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