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Find a Good Hematologist - NOW !!!!

My husband also has APS, as well as Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis, and now the MDS. You really need to get to a good hematologist, and possibly a good rheumatologist if you are suspecting Lupus.
A good teaching hospital in one of the major universities that has clinical practice attached would be a good idea.
What blood thinner are you on for your APS if any? Earl's platelets have been so low for the last 6 months that he only has had a few doses of Arixtra. Right now - the MDS is taking precedence. When we saw Dr. Sekeres at the Cleveland Clinic he said that the combination of the Arixtra for the APS and the Plaquenil for the LV may have been the root cause of the current problem - his MDS. But the damage is done - so we are just going to try and move forward.
Take care, and please get seen by a specialist.

Beth - R.N., B.S.N and wife of recently diagnosed husband who has been classified at stage 4 MDS. and I can't help the one I love the most.
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