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very similar to me, i had the doc knocking at my door 2 am stating i was critically ill and needed to go to A & E now!! my plates were less than 10 and everything else below sustainable life level. I actually felt fine and had been in work all day and only went to the doctors because I had bruises i couldn't account for!
It was scary as hell - anyway 18 months down the line, my hb is now 11, plates 46 - neuts and whites are normal!
I had rabbit ALG and was classed as a late responder at 10 months (this is how long it took me to climb) I have had loads of transfusions and iron level is 1500, but this will come down in time (will try exjade later when we reduce cyclosporin). Ask away - remember its not terminal, its treatable. and don't let it rule you, you take control of it.
I am 52 now - was absolutely the picture of health before this, and they reckon I have had it for several years and body just kept adjusting!!
hang on in there and you will get loads of support here, and on the facebook page
xxxx Karen
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