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Bone Marrow Biopsy - Low Level Plasma Cell Neoplasm

Hello it is very difficult to find information on understanding bone marrow results related to MGUS and/or multiple myeloma stages including indicators on precursers and what they may mean.
I am curious to understand how the markers are important and how often there are abnormal results in the marrow not yet showing in the blood - How do you know which questions you should be asking next?

Fish for Plasma cell Prolifer Disorder:
Insufficient plasma cells were observed. This result does not exclude proliferative disorder.

200 cell counts - lymphocyte, neurtophil, metamyelocyte, promyelocyte, blast, monocyte, esoinophil basophil - all within normal range

500 cell counts -blast 4.0H, Promyleocytes 0.6L, other granulocyte precursors 49.8H, Erthroid precursors 27.8H - other counts within range
1. How can a 200 cell count vs a 500 cell count give different counts or indications of High/Low results.

Cellularity: slightly hypocellular 40percent
Erthoroid Elements: full spectrum maturation with mild stress dyserythropoiesis
2. what is dyserythropoiesis in the bone marrow? How does it show in the bone marrow and not the blood?

Myeloid Elements - marginal increase
3. Does Myeloid elements show up in MGUS, Myeloma or only the leukemia subsets

Megakaryoctytes: Increased with unremarkable morphology
there is no significant rouleaux formation
occassional reactive lymphocytes

Antigens analyzed:
cd19, cd20, cd45, cd56 and lambda negative
cd38 and ckappa bright
CD138 moderate which plasma cells comprise 6-8% of marrow cellularity
CD117 Kit - Positive dim
plasma cells predominantely kappa light chain

How does a CD117+ influence decisions on the next step? Or doesn't it?

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