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My insurance was going along with everything until we go to the point of actually trying to bring in samples of the potential donors for typing to get an actual match. Then all of a sudden I was called by the hospital and informed that my insurance company had a limit on the amount of money they will spend for search and we have met that, therefore they don't care how much we search they will not pay. Each search will run between 7-9 thousand $. So we will be forced to test one at a time and hope the match comes quickly. I have received the documentation that they will cover the actual Transplant but they will not pay to find a Donor, go figure that one. One of those things you can never imagine being the case but it is.
Linda, 57 yo, dx MDS, RAEB 2, 17-20% Blasts, no treatment, No Sibling Match, Search for Unrelated Match in progress.
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