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Vidaza Survey - How Long?

Question for those that have been or are currently on Vidaza. How long have you been on treatment? Dave just finished Round 7 and his local oncologist remarked that he had to do a double take a couple times when Dave's labs hit his desk. His platelets have gone from the 25 range up to 200; with similar results for his other counts. When he first began treatment his COE oncologist said to expect Vidaza to work for 1-2 years. She later clarified (after seeing his results) that the 1-2 year timeframe is based on clinical trial data and that many of those patients were much sicker than he was to begin with (although he was pretty sick). She went on to say that as far as she knows, no further studies have been done on the long term effectiveness of the drug. We know Vidaza is not a cure - but if he hasn't had any significant side effects and does not require any transfusions we'd like to ride that train as long as possible. So, how about a very unscientific study right here on the boards:

1) How long have you/were you on Vidaza?
2) Were you transfusion dependent during treatment?
3) Did you stop because it stopped working, too many side effects or went to transplant?

Thanks all!
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