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My brother was diagnosed with MDS, RARS two years ago. He has been lucky enough to be stable on Procrit injections alone until 3 weeks ago when the Dana Farber found an increase in blasts in his bone marrow. (I wish I had more specific numbers, counts etc.) He was given the choice of starting Dacogen or Vidaza. Primarily for convenience he chose the Dacogen (being able to receive treatment closer to home. He lives north of Boston and is being treated by a Dr. Spieler at Merrimac Medical ctr. in conjunction with Dr. Martha Wadleigh at the Dana Farber. I believe his diagnosis is now RAEB I. The most frustrating thing about all of this is that his counts have been good for quite a while now. He's never needed transfusions. My questions are, how does one make an informed choice between Vidaza and Dacogen when the doctor basically said, you decide. Has anyone been able to work while on Dacogen?
How have people who have been on Dacogen handled the immune system risks? I appreciate being a part of this supportive network. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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