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It depends on what you want to quote.

1. If you are reading a Private Message from another forum member, you reply by clicking the
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button and it automatically quotes the message that the other user sent you.

2. If you want to send a Private Message to another forum member and quote a post they made in a forum thread, there isn't a forum button for that, but you can get the same effect.

Suppose I want to quote the first post in this thread while sending Laura a Private Message about it:
a. I click the Quote button under that post.

b. Instead of typing anything in the message box, I select all of the text and pick Edit -> Copy in my web browser.

c. I click the Back button of my web browser since I didn't really want to post anything.

d. I start a Private Message to Laura by clicking her name, picking "Send a private message to Laura", and typing a message title.

e. I click in the message area and pick Edit -> Paste in my web browser.

f. I type my message below that.
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