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Bone marrow transplantation (currently 1month and 3 day)

Hello, 1st april 2017 I was diagnosted with AML (acute myeloid leukemia) M6. From 1st april I started with 4 cycles chemotherapy to july, everything was very nice but only one problem through all chemotherapy was a blood poisoning sepsis I ate anything bad probably. 16th August 2017 I came to the Hospital and I waited for a transplantation. 31th august 2017 was a day 0, I get my new Germany bone marrow, I was puking and I just felt corn. After 1 and half month maybe 2 months I get home. After 5 days at home I did go to to hospital. I had an infection called infectious mononucleosis or EBV virus. I spent 1 month in hospital that was a big chance I will die but I am not. THANK GOD IM STILL ALIVE and donor Now its 123 day after bone marrow transplantation and probably I am good, last visit of ambulancy was 27th December, 2017

platelets - 100
neutrophils - 1000
leukocytes - 3600
hemoglobin - 130

I forgot to say I am 18 years old 2 days after transplantation I was 18 years old. I feel so good and free now, big thanks to all doctors, my mum and of course donor for bone marrow, it saved my life, a due to leukemia I began respect my life and all people around me. Sorry for my english, I am from middle europe, I was just randomly browsing a internet and I found this forum. If is my english too bad just write down bellow I will write it again if it will needed.

+ I wanted to ask if anybody here has a experience with smoking marijuana, before leukemia I was only smoking marijuana but not drinking alcohol. What do you think? Is it good (marijuana) or not.
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