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Low WBC and BMB Results..Please help me understand!!

Hi all..I am new to this and am really confused as to what is going on with my 5 year old..I have her FLOW cytometric results and was wondering if anyone could give me some insight as to whether they are normal or not...My daughter who is 5yrs old had a Bilateral BMB..The results say the PLI ( I am assuming that means Left) is CELLULAR WITH 1 % BLASTS...The PRI results are HYPOCELLULAR WITH - BLASTS...Flow reads: LEFT SIDED SPECIMEN A POPILATION OF MATURING B CELLS THAT COEXPRESS CD45 (INTERMEDIATE/BRIGHT) CD19, CD20 (VARIABLE) AND CD10 (SUBSET)...There is nothing that says anythin about her right side FLOW Results and I dont get that...What does all that mean??.What is suppose to be a normal CELLULARITY for a 5 year old..I think it means she has HYPOCELLULAR on her right side biopsy..Her WBC has been low for over a year and her monocytes have been high for over a year as well and her platelets bounce and so do other blood tests..She was diagnosed with a rare disease called CRMO..We are going to get a second opinion next week with a Hematologist and a new Rheumetologist..She has lost 3 lbs in the month of Dec and her ped is concerned with the LOW WBC and weight loss...I dont know what to think.Everytime I google Low WBC MDS comes up...Can someone please help...Thank You all and I am wishing you well!!!
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