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We saw Dr. Raza several times after Mike's initial diagnosis. We were looking at all of our options. At one time, she was the leader in research of MDS and maybe she still is. We have always leaned heavy on supplements and have tried all of the ones you mentioned. They never raised blood counts. I believe they help to keep your body in optimum shape for what it is dealing with. No supplement is going to heal your bone marrow. Having said that, Mike takes many, many, many supplements on a daily basis and I believe that it was most beneficial in the outcome of his transplant. He literally flew through it with no side effects and very little GVHD. The medical world isn't open to it. Probably because they aren't trained in it. When I listed what he was on, the PAC couldn't even pronounce half of them. They aren't educated in alternative methods or even nutrition as part of a complimentary treatment plan. ......don't get me started. Dr. Raza is one of the few that looks outside the standard of care. To sum this up, it certainly will not hurt you to take these supplements (of course tell your doctor) but curcumin and ginger are antiinflammatories and most disease is caused by inflammation. COQ 10 should be taken by everyone and especially by those taking cholesterol lowering drugs. Of course, this is my opinion and many more for that fact, just do your research.

Good luck with your journey.
Mary, wife of Mike age 70; diagnosed MDS RARS 1999. Tried Vidaza, Revlimid, and Dacogen. SCT 10/1/09 at U of MI; induction FluBu2; sister perfect match donor. 5 years out, little to no GVHD. Off all meds. God is good
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