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How much Curcumin?

Originally Posted by cathybee1 View Post
One of the main issues with curcumin is poor bioavailability. So, Bruce is taking a curcumin supplement which is supposed to have improved bioavailability put out by Thorne Labs, a company which our medical doctor feels is reliable.
Hey Catherine!

How much Curcumin is Bruce taking? I've been skeptical of the reports about increased bleeding with curcumin, because they seem to be traceable to just one or two cases. I've held off because I wanted to see if the CoQ10 would improve anything on its own, before adding something else into the mix.

The Curcumin I have in reserve is by NSI and is called "Turmeric Extract with BioPerine." The BioPerine is a black pepper extract that is added to increase bioavailability.

Soon after I was diagnosed I read David Servan-Schreiber's Anti-Cancer, in which he notes the need for pepper with your Curcumin. He also likes the idea of using turmeric in food, but the analyses I have seen indicate you have to eat a LOT of turmeric to get significant amounts of Curcumin. (Still, it's a great book, and I've taken a lot of it to heart.)

Take Care!

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