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Originally Posted by S001 View Post
Here is a December 2009 interview with Dr. Bharat B. Aggarwal on Curcumin.

This gives hope -

The biggest challenge is for doctors to accept that curcumin could have potential for cancer. Pharmaceutical companies are not going to be able to profit from this. Curcumin is so inexpensive some doctors have a hard time believing that it even works because they are comparing it to drugs that cost $45,000 to $50,000 per dose. They feel curcumin cannot work because it doesn’t cost as much as the drugs they are used to dispensing. And my response to them is seeing is believing. I tell them to just try it and see if it works.

I also wrote to Dr. Aggarwal asking about curcumin dosages and he replied that my father should take 8 gm per day, escalating the dosage from 500 mg per day in the beginning. He also said that this should be taken for atleast 3 months to judge its efficacy. Hope it works.
Please keep us posted of your father's progress. I realize that you and your father are trying to digest a lot of complicated information right now. But, my personal feeling is that the medical community in Europe and Asia are more progressive in considering "alternative" therapies and utilizing them as part of treatment than the doctors in the U.S.
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