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Please write, which quantity you have taken and how often per day.
Do you go on with taking the pills? 600 is still more than the regular level.
In a report concerning ferritin reduction after stem cell transplantation there has been written, that the patients undergoing phlebotomy to reduce their iron burden first attained the complete normal level (not only 1000 like it is advised to stop with exjade) and then needed more phlebotomies for a rather long time period, i.d. supposedly there is some iron in the body which is released into the blood later, but is not good for the body, so that the patients had to undergo that ongoing phlebotomies. so i would - for going sure - go on with the pills. In a study with wheatgrass and MDs-patients iron chelation the time-period of intake was at least 6 months, in other studies -with thalassemia patients und partly pills - 1 year and more, and there were no sideeffects except in a few cases, but these were not serious (stomach) and these were - as i remember - children who took the tablets.
If your doctor would need some documentation, i will send him and/or you my "information package" with all the links to the studies i found concerning wheatgrass and iron chelation. Email:
Good luck! Good health!
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