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Smile Pain from taking cyclosporin

Hi Kasey, I am in UK and had swollen tummy, looked 5=6 months pregnant and it turned out my liver was swollen and inflamed. I take 200mg cyclo per day and suddenly felt very weary with swollen side, unable to bend properly and puffed. Turned out after ultrasound that liver was reacting badly, and pushing on my stomach and ribs and giving me pain in shoulder as well. They are not sure if too much iron in my body has caused the liver to react badly or whether the liver acts on its own, or is responsible for too much iron. Anyway will be going on to iron chelation to see if that helps and meantime the liver has settled but if I try and do too much boy does it complain. Are you on a transfusion programme, ATG did not work for me and I rely on transfusions, hence the iron problem. The ultrasound was not invasive and my doc said they were really looking for cirrhosis, which he explained as parts of the liver dying, which I don't have. Definitely go back to see your doc and ask him about your liver counts and report the pains. I didn't tell them for 2 months cos I am bit hospital phobic and thought they would drag me in, but they were calm and ok. Good luck
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