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I have been diagnosed with Fibrotic MDS - RAEB (10% marrow blasts, anaemia and slightly low white cell count). Started shark liver oil a couple of months ago and my white cell count has risen to normal levels. Am also taking a Chinese herbal mixture (no idea what is in it), high dose Vitamin K, B12, D3, beta glucan, IP6 and wheatgrass.

I am wary of posting here saying how well I feel, in case I 'jinx' it, but my last blood test showed my Hg had gone up. I am sure it is due to the supplements I am taking, as I felt so rotten beforehand and Hg kept going down. My haematologist is a complete sceptic and keeps talking about various drugs they could try, but I don't like the sound of any of them. Shame these supplements are so expensive though!
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