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Thank you Hopeful. I still donít know if my results mean anything has changed. I rang the haematologists office and asked if he could look at my recent results and let me know if I needed to do anything. I received a phone call back from the secretary to say the haem had booked an appointment for me to see him on Jan 14.

Iím assuming he wants to discuss the results but it could be just a routine visit...I donít know.

My mother passed away 2 months ago and Iím trying to care for my father and while heís still physically fit for a 90yo, he is grieving terribly and I feel Iím not able to be as supportive as I should be because Iím so incredibly weary. The tiredness seems to be so deep itís inside my bones. Itís hard to describe.

I just need to remain patient and do my best to eat well and stay well until I get some answers.

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