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Hello Jo. I didnít even realise low BP could be associated with heart failure. Everyone always talks about high blood pressure.

My BP is in the low 90s at the most, usually sits in the mid/low 80s and sometimes drops to the mid 70s. The bottom reading can be anywhere between 55 down to 38. This is documented on my obs chart and has been low for at least a year. I have fainted at home when Iím sure itís dropped even lower.

My pulse is between 55 and down to 45.

The test my doc did was a BNP I think. Apparently it not only diagnoses heart failure but is used for monitoring the progression. He said it could be caused by chronic anaemia and muscle weakness. Now Iím just waiting to see if the echo shows if the ejection fraction is normal or low. Apparently normal EF is bad because thereís no treatment available.

I get to go home tomorrow and Iíll get a call to let me know if I need any further tests or treatment so it canít be too bad.

Just another medical problem to add to the list.

It seems to be easy to find out if you have heart failure. Iíd ask your Doctor for the BNP blood test.

Good luck.

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