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Originally Posted by Chirley View Post
I will be interested as well.

I had 6 months of Vidaza only to find out I didn't need it!

I know it is carcinogenic (ironic isn't it?). There is supposed to be an increased risk of lung cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer and haematological malignancies, lymphoma and leukaemia. How they work the last part out, I have no idea seeing as it's given for haematological malignancy.

I suppose at least I'll be a bit of a guinea pig for them. Vidaza given to someone who doesn't need it!
My husband and I now wonder if I really needed to start Vidaza, Chirley. When I "relapsed", I was 100% donor, but there was some small evidence that the MDS had returned. One of the docs told me my prognosis was a few weeks to maybe a few years. I am on pins and needles waiting for my latest BMB results to come back. How did you do after discontinuing the Vidaza?
Jill, 58 y/o female dx with MDS-U June 2008, IPSS:Int. 2. Allogeneic SCT May 25, 2010. Relapsed January 2011. Started Vidaza (azacitadine) Feb. 2011; Currently on cycle #58 , IV, 5-days every six weeks. WBC 5.3, Hgb 13.0, PLT 110 (2/16/18)
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