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Wow do i ever apprec iate all your input and advice! We have an appointment on sept 20 with the BMF clinic. I will share any news. My son does eat plenty of meat and i make him protein shakes often. I keep a food diary too thats why its frustrating. His thyroid levels were normal and blood glucose fine. It just seems his body is not absorbing the nutrients or maybe using up the nutrients to keep his marrow production at the low level it is. I guess kore testin will show which. Also maybe an auto immune thing. I am certainly going to push for a b-12 shot at our appt. Oh i just bought an occult blood home test today to see if he has any in his stool. Just thought that may help. Ps. I am an RN with a background in public health. Be that as it may. Its still haed when the patient is your own child.
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