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Cool Update

Thanks to the advice on this forum. I put my son on good high potence b-12 supplemments. Had his levels checked and it was 885. Unfortunately his energy levels have not improved. Im thinking the low level he had back in may (185) was questiinable. ( his level in april was 500)
Anyway. His case is being transferred to Adolescent medicine dept. As hematology cannot do any more for him.
I do need to vent this : that one doctor -who never met my son- suggested a psych eval!!! Ugh! They actually took his suggestion seriously. I was so upset because if they bothered to actually meet my son in person they would see what a sunshine he is! For a 16 yr old, he puts adults to shame with his maturity and patience. Anyway. Looking forward to more testing especially regardin metabolis and autoimmune studies.
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