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Thank you Hopeful. You took the words right out of my if we could just convince my mom and dad. My mom is actually calmer, more relaxed and in a better mood when she is in the ER. She is a nervouse wreck when she is home. I have tried to drive home the point that being in the ER is like being in a germ factory and that walking would be very theraputic for her. ( the doctors have told her there were no restrictions). The doctors and myself have tried to tell her that the very small amount of blood she is seeing is bright red and is coming from the hemmorhoids and it is nothing to be concerned about. She is constantly checking her nose, her gums and the toilet paper/toilet. I can definately understand her fears but she is doing well and she feels good. Hopefully with time she will learn to maneuver this disease and her quality of life will improve.
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