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Air Filter

Originally Posted by Robi1Knobi View Post
Thanks for all getting in touch with me. Everyone has given me some great advice, I'm going to buy a mini recorder sometime this week, before I leave for NIH on Sunday. I'm going to try to work three 12 hour days this week, I hope I make it! My hgb is 9.8, platelets 86 K, but I've been really short of breath the last couple of days. I wish I were born a man, so I'd only have to go to work and come home ), not worry about all the house stuff. I'm only saying this because all of you wonderful women that have responded to me, know what I'm talking about! That was good info about a possible Hawaiian donor, I'd love an excuse to go there if I need a transplant. Do any of ya'll use an air filter/cleaner, and if so, which one? Did it help your breathing when you were at home? There are so many on the market, I don't know which to buy..
Hi Linda,

Yes, the air filter GREATLY assisted in ensuring good clean air for my son especially after his ATG. We used a thereupatic air filter with an ionizer suitable for one room. I personally felt the difference in the air with the air filter, and it was a tip from Andrea, one of our forum members as well. Since it was portable, my son could take it around with him whenever he wanted to move around the house:-)

To this day, after more than 5 years past his episode of AA and his recovery,we have replaced the first air filter with a newer one- same brand, same model because we simply adore that filter:-)
Peter Lim, Dad to Stan, age 17 at time of dx Feb 2002VSAA; tx. ATG, cyclosporine, predisone; alternative herbal supplm & shark liver oil, off all meds 5/2002 normal blood counts. Only on shark liver oil.
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