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Blood transfusion antibodies

Hello, I am hoping someone can answer a question for me. About 7 years ago I required numerous blood transfusions and I developed 8 different antibodies. I had about 7 years not needing transfusions (only the odd one here and there) but I'm now transfusion dependant again. I no longer have any antibodies. I'm confused that the antibodies can disappear but also relieved.

I was wondering if the loss of antibodies means that I have a immune system problem and that also means that I may not create (or have lost) antibodies in response to my vaccinations. Perhaps I'm not as protected against the flu etc that I thought I was.

My current neut count is 0.7 and my carer has the flu (she refused to get the flu injection) so I'm in close contact because I have to tend to her.

Thank you.

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