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Angry response to cytarabine for MDS

Originally Posted by billyb View Post
What were her counts: WBC, RBC, Hemo, Hema, Platelets and Liver enzimes and was she transfusion dependent, we are thinking about trying the same treatment
I am not sure what her counts were when she started but they were low. After her first round, she ended up in the hospital with neutropenic fever for 8 days. That was the last time she was transfused. Her counts started coming up before she left the hospital. Her doctor at MDA told her after her last bone marrow that there is no evidence of the disease. He called it a complete remission. She was completely transfusion dependent until 1 round of cytarabine. She just finished her 4th. She is back living by herself at her home by the grace of God.
He guided us to these brilliant doctors who were willing to work with her and not just "make her comfortable as possible." She would not be alive today if we had not changed doctors. Frightening to think that a doctor would automatically assume she could not stand the treatment because she is 80. She has always had more energy than me and in no way wanted to give up. It just really saddens me that some people do not have family to advocate for them and have to take the word of these kind of doctors.
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