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MDS treatment without Chemo? Anyone? Increasing platelets naturally?

Hello lovely people,

A bit of a long story..

My sister was diagnosed in 1990 with Severe Aplastic Anaemia (aged 7).. no one was a match for a BMT.. 4 rounds of ALG later and bone marrow started working again miraculously.

Fast forward 25 years.. Routine blood test showed low platelets (33). Sent for bone marrow biopsy etc.

Doctors want to treat with a stem cell transplant but my sister has heart valve issues due to the drugs used when she was a child and doesn't think she will be strong enough to endure the chemo.

She is currently treating herself with high doses of vitamin C.. infusions too. Juicing beetroot etc.. cut out all inflammatory foods out of diet.

Has anyone had any luck treating MDS without chemotherapy or getting platelets levels to go up naturally?

She presented at the hospital for a transfusion and was refused based on her levels (33) being 'ok'???

My family and I are very frustrated at the lack of care being displayed by Sydney doctors at this point in time. No one seems to want to treat her holistically.. as in taking all risk factors into account. They all seem very quick to jump on the chemo bandwagon??

Any advice would be appreciated. We are open to travelling abroad for treatment.

Thanking you all in advance
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