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Bailie-I don't really know why they didn't try to do a stem cell transplant when he was in remission from the aza, but he had only 1 %blasts until the aza quit working and then within a matter of weeks it went from 14 to 27 to 55%blasts, and not really sure what chromosomal abnormalities are showing now (originally he had the 5q neg and 12p? Before the aza he had tried revlimid for about three months and it almost killed him (constant infections requiring hospitalizations), so that wasn't an option anymore. The dr was trying to avoid going the induction route when the 14% blasts showed up and put him on just ipilimumab one round, and when the next BMW showed 27% shows up he tried adding in the aza per the protocol in the study, but after another aza round and another ipilimumab round and blasts at 55% he said forget the study we have to go for induction and allogenic transplant. He's in day 7 of the induction and doing ok so far. Holding out hope he goes into remission so he can have the transplant.

Steve, no bad side effects from the ipilimumab except for rash on upper body.
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