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Originally Posted by CELESTE MEDINA View Post
A recent study has shown that HPN-type cells are responsible for oxidative stress due to increased concentrations of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) or decreased antioxidant status. It has been proven that the preparation of fermented papaya (PPF), a nutritional product derived from carica papaya, regulates the parameters of oxidative aggression in vitro and in vivo. In order to clarify the pathogenic link between oxidative stress and hemolysis in PNH, the effects of each inhibitor, eculizumab and PPF, were investigated independently in Japanese patients with PNH.
Conclusion: Erythrocytes and sera derived from Japanese patients with PNH were very vulnerable to oxidative stress, compared to healthy subjects. Eculizumab was effective in controlling oxidative aggression, in addition to hemolysis, indicating that the increase in oxidative stress in PNH was mainly due to complement-mediated hemolysis. Since PPF had little effect on hemolysis but improved oxidative stress and QoL, it could alleviate the symptoms related to oxidative stress and be a therapeutic option for the supportive treatment of PNH.

Hi is this the papaya leaf extract?
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