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1 year post transplant and 1 year old!

Wanted to post an update:
It's been almost 2 years since my husbands MDS diagnosis and 1 year post transplant and is 1 year old! Grateful every day! So grateful for the donor for giving him a longer shot at life and letting us continue to share our lives together. Praying that this trend will continue for him.

As those who have gone through transplant, you all know what the journey is all about even though everyone has different experiences. We are finally beginning to breathe easier although still cautious.

I am so very proud of him and what he went through. His bravery and a real trooper. He did very well post transplant. No GVHD, no infection, just some minor issues that were rectified with changing med dosages. And his hair hasn't grown back. But he is ok with that! I said to him, it's trendy and I am used to it. People he hasn't seen in a while do not recognize him. A small price compared to the alternative. He is back to work, although it was tough in the beginning and now he said it's like he never left. He's gotten vaccinations and is now getting the boosters.

I wish everyone going to transplant a successful one. Don't give up hope you can do it!

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