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First of all, if you are willing to donate stem cells or bone marrow to somebody undergoing a transplant, you are definitely a Somebody, not a Nobody! I admire you for your generosity toward a stranger in need. My wife is alive due to people like you.

There are likely to be four things going on:
  1. Testing if you are a confirmed match. That depends on your HLA (human leukocyte antigen) proteins, not on your blood type. You might be a non-match, a good match, a great match, or a perfect match.

  2. Checking if you are healthy enough to make the donation, with interviews and a full medical history. Expect them to ask you more than once if you are sure that you are willing to donate.

  3. Deciding if you are the best available donor, since there could be other potential matches.

  4. Scheduling. They may have contacted you as a potential match even if the recipient isn't at the stage where a transplant is definite.
If you are confirmed as a match and healthy enough to go ahead, they may or may not ask you to make the donation soon or at a later time. Most of the decision-making is on the recipient's side, since it all depends on their treatment schedule, and if and when they can undergo a transplant. My wife's bone marrow donor was contacted by Be the Match and agreed to donate, but it was 2 years before the donation finally occurred.

I'd expect that you'll hear back soon about whether or not you are still a potential donor. But even if that's confirmed, you might not be called to make the actual donation for some time. It's fine to ask questions of the people who contacted you, although they'll reveal very little information about the recipient.

I wish you luck, and good luck to whoever patient is as well.
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